Medical Equipment Planning
Technology Assessment & Project Management
A Leader in Medical Equipment Planning

Medical Equipment Planning goes beyond equipment listings. It involves equipment and facility assessment, budgeting, equipment specifications, procurement, logistics and installation. We know how medical equipment planning works.

We’re experts in how projects get done – and what it costs.

Medical equipment can be the second largest component of a project’s total budget, often representing up to 10% of the overall costs and as much as 50% of the overall costs for radiology equipment. Hospital construction projects can involve thousands of medical devices and, depending on the duration of the project, medical equipment may even change from planning to occupancy.

The selection of medical equipment can affect a facility’s infrastructure, costs and flexibility to support future technology.

We’re here to help you to efficiently and effectively manage and control your equipment planning process while minimizing costs.

Our team can select and position the machines that can save lives and provide comfort. By working with owners, architects, consultants and contractors to incorporate equipment system requirements early into design, we help prevent costly change orders and project delays.

We’re prepared to guide you through the evaluation, selection, acquisition and installation of equipment. We can work with you from the beginning to the end of a project, or provide support just where you need it most.

We’re ready when you are.


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