Medical Equipment Planning
Technology Assessment & Project Management

Full Range of Services

Your project is unique.

It requires services ranging from equipment survey and budgeting to selection and technical specifications to procurement, delivery and installation of medical equipment.

The first thing we do is partner with you to understand the strategy and scope of your project and determine your equipment needs. We take into account your required level of technology, program planning objectives and available budget.

We have your needs covered.

Equipment Assessment

After orientation meetings with you, your staff, the architects and involved user groups, we audit your existing major and minor equipment to evaluate their efficiency in terms of functionality and cost. To ensure that all categories of equipment are accounted for and included in the appropriate budget, we prepare a Responsibility Check List that specifies responsibilities for planning, procurement, receiving and installation.

Throughout the process you’ll receive status reports documenting all issues and decisions.

Upon the completion of our analysis, we provide a detailed Equipment Analysis Report that includes cost estimates to obtain and install new and existing equipment, as well as other project-related costs.

     Services provided:

  • Determine equipment reuse and relocation options
  • Develop list of new equipment
  • Prepare initial budget





Budget Preparation

We understand that every facility has different needs and different financial situations. We understand that many factors, such as project schedules, architectural elements, fixed equipment, facility standards and medical staff preferences can affect a budget. We account for all of them.

We treat your budget like it’s our own.

We work with your administration, purchasing department, medical staff and architectural team to provide a budget based on your facility’s needs and project scope.

We collaborate with your representatives to determine schedule needs, goals and direction and to confirm the budget. We conduct department interviews to understand equipment preferences, concerns and priorities. We perform architectural reviews to identify elements that may affect the function and design of the building and equipment or inhibit the staff. Finally, we provide full project oversight to ensure all categories of medical equipment and systems are compatible and to avoid duplication or omissions.

     Services provided:

  • Liaison between architectural staff, contractors and clinical engineering
  • Establish a list of recommended improvements, in order of importance
  • Identify room-by-room fixed and moveable equipment, with cost estimates
  • Document architecturally significant equipment 
  • Prepare cross-referenced Equipment Catalog of new equipment, fully coded with all specifications
  • Establish working budget

Equipment Specifications

We understand that you can't afford delays created by the delivery of the wrong equipment.

That’s why we ensure the correct equipment is specified from the start.

You’ll receive a Specification of Equipment report. We’ll also recommend various equipment options to help you select the most cost-effective solution while maintaining the highest level of functionality. Once equipment specifications – also known as Construction Documents – are finalized, we prepare your specifications in bid-package format and create a Bidders List for the use of your purchasing department.

We work with suppliers to provide the architect with technical specifications for all equipment: Architecturally Significant Equipment (ASE), non ASE and Imaging Modalities. We assist in reviewing and coordinating the equipment design with the work of the architect and other parties to ensure our specifications have been correctly interpreted and incorporated in the construction documents. We’ll even identify, in sketch form, where medical equipment is to be placed within each location.

     Services provided:

  • Prepare final reports, including room-by-room summary and cut sheets 
  • Prepare Item Distribution Report by code number indicating room/department location of equipment
  • Assign a bid category numbers
  • Prepare specifications to coordinate installation and occupancy dates






The most costly part of the equipment planning process is often the purchase of the equipment itself.

We work to procure your equipment at the lowest possible cost, taking into account your priorities and preferences.

We bid multiple manufacturers for each item, supplying them with comprehensive specifications and instructions. We also give consideration to any buying groups with which you are aligned. You’ll receive a detailed bid analysis along with our recommendations. Should it become necessary to select an alternate vendor, we’ll evaluate the need for any change to the building structure or utilities required to accommodate the new equipment and refresh the bid evaluation criteria with any related costs. Finally, we issue, track and expedite purchase orders on your behalf, maintain project equipment accounting reports and provide bi-monthly status reports for all purchasing activities.

     Services offered:

  • Create detailed master procurement schedule database
  • Administer bidding and RFP process
  • Prepare, execute and expedite purchase orders
  • Provide budgetary reporting and reconciliation
  • Create budgetary variance reports from original equipment plan
  • Refresh equipment list
  • Review shop drawings and schedule required site visits with equipment suppliers

Receiving and Logistics

We’re experts in hospital receiving procedures and know when equipment should - and should not - arrive at the construction site.

We make sure your equipment shows up at the right time and in the right place.

We coordinate with the architect, the general contractor and design team and manage the performance of manufacturers and vendors to ensure the safe delivery of your equipment and a successful, on time installation. We will be there to handle receiving, storage, staging, delivery and placement of equipment; and assist you in the
transition to new equipment.

     Services offered:

  • Develop detailed receiving and installation schedule
  • Expedite equipment delivery
  • Contract installation and storage services
  • Inspect incoming deliveries and record damages or deficiencies
  • Develop detailed action plan for equipment placement
  • Monitor relocation of existing equipment
  • Inspect facility, conduct punch list walk-through and resolve deficiencies
  • Provide biomedical / electrical equipment inspection and check-out
  • Coordinate training of all new medical equipment
  • Deliver
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