Medical Equipment Planning
Technology Assessment & Project Management


The New World of Health Care

The medical imaging market is witnessing a rapid technological advancement. Traditional boundaries between surgery, radiology and cardiology are eroding as surgery becomes less invasive and imaging becomes more interventional.

Today, many procedures require multidisciplinary collaboration. As a result, lines between the traditional operating room, diagnostic imaging room and interventional procedure room are fading. Along with these changes, patients are becoming savvy health care consumers who demand state-of-the-art care and a comfortable environment.


We understand the challenges involved in designing a facility that serves the needs of clinicians, staff and patients alike.


Medical Equipment Planning Today for Tomorrow’s Healthcare

New and emerging medical equipment technologies are radically changing the way healthcare providers care for their patients, as well as the way in which health care facilities are being designed. Rapid advancements in medical technology, however, make it challenging for already overburdened hospital staff to keep pace with the latest developments.

The design of health care facilities is governed by many regulations and technical requirements. Without the right planning, objective perspective, expertise and project management resources, key elements can be overlooked, resulting in costly redesign work and project delays.

Early planning of medical equipment allows architects and engineers, to identify and address the impact of the equipment on the architectural design and better plan the space that will, in the end, improve patient care.

We’re here to help you plan and design for maximum flexibility to accommodate your current and future needs.

We stay on top of the latest information about medical equipment by attending industry conferences and consulting with experts. This gives us the edge on what's needed from a technology, clinical and security perspective.

We provide you with the equipment expertise you need to put tomorrow’s technology into place today.

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